hi there, and welcome to the cure coffee co.

At The Cure we love our coffee, and it’s fair to say we are fussy about coffee and how it is created. Simply put - life’s too short to drink average coffee.

In order to deliver beautiful, quality craft coffee we’ve teamed up with the legendary mob from Loaded Craft Coffee Roasters to hand deliver us our beans. But not just any beans, exclusive blends - our Bold blend, a special seasonal Single Origin bean sourced from the best plots on the globe, and a Decaf number.

Our Bold Blend, a favourite of our locals, is a rich medium-roasted coffee just perfect for those wanting their coffee to pack a (slightly chocolatey) punch.

The special Single Origin bean is a treat for those passionate coffee nerds who follow their nose down laneways, and take cues from their coffee apps to land the perfect cup. Finally let’s not forget our Decaf option, because hey - sometimes you just need to take it easy but not comprise on flavour, right?

The only other thing we love more than our coffee is our State, Town and awesome bunch of customers. Our WA friends from Loaded have led the way in kicking off some of Perth’s most iconic coffee houses, and we couldn’t be prouder to support their personal, ethical and cutting edge approach to the coffee business at The Cure. They help make sure that we can give you, in our humble opinion, truly great craft coffee each and every time.

We look forward to seeing you on the road, or on foot here at The Cure real soon.